pita hati's mobile stage design

Mobile stage design for Pita Hati's album launching, Fonetik Anak Candal, and two month semenanjung tour happening in May and June 2014.

Stage design by Garasi
Support and personnel by Sesi Seni creative
Visuals and Projections by Have Faith/Motiofixo

raja sehari dan selamanya bersama muhsin dan aisyah

This is the story of Muhammad Muhsin's and Aisyah's journey to find each other. May they both be blessed in this life and the here-after. Amin

Music by Arcade Fire, Supersymmetry
Filming by: Ahmad Syazwan, Syamil Shawal, Shamin Sahrum
Editing by: Shamin Sahrum

sesi seni showreel

Thanks to all agents and past contributors to our Short Films, Documentaries, Animations and here's to another amazing year of possibilities. May our path's meet soon on future collaborations ; )
Sesi Seni Collective
A VHS'" production.

antara dua darjat

A young artist, Zali, struggles to cope with incidents in the past that has left him with physical and mental effects which made it hard ofr him to create new art works. Left with his atok, which tries to reconcile and helps him with his struggles after Zali's long years of being away.
Little that Zali realises that his atok and him have much more things in common than he thinks.
Submitted to "Inspirasi P. Ramlee" competition and BMW Shorties 2013

selasar niaga

A presentation video for Greentech 2013, a competition which collects researchers and builders alike which aims at finding solutions for tomorrows sustainable living.
Selasar Niaga aims at providing business leverage to medium and low income families by providing flexible space solutions to encourage them to become entrepreneurs, within the confines of their own home.
Selasar Niaga housing is a joint collaboration project between MDRXA and Sesi Seni Collective.
All rights reserved.

'stories from within the walls'

These document the strength and strong spirit of Gaza's people.
Through the eyes of Kautsar, she shows that our lives are not so much different.
And even though the hardship they face is alot more than we'll ever face.
They go forward through life with enough optimism and positivity that would put most of us at shame.
May we pray for the safety and the strength to carry on for our brothers and sisters there. Amin

Photography and video by Kautsar Abd Rahman
Editing by Shamin of Sesi Seni Collective
Song by M83, IntroNew Text

the small things

A short movie about the small things in life that makes our long journey worthwhile.
Made for BMW Shorties 2012.

Songs from Drive OST.
Filmers: Dot, Adhrah, Shamin
Voiceover: Adhrah
Editor and Director: Sam

at world's crossroads : udrl berlin

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