dreamers, idealists and imaginarium emporium

We are an active group that is interested in advocating architectural discourses through discussions and writings. Not merely being interested in only generating ideas but realizing them as well through various medium such as installations, interior architecture, furniture, product design and graphic. The various mediums used is only a means to which to communicate our ideas.

Sesi Seni clearly believes that architectural discourse should be merged with other fields such as photography, science, philosophy as these intersections of knowledge are full of unkown voids that discoveries can still be made. Currently we organize discussions by way of zines, publications, events and also through crossover collaborations with other fields.

Past, Present and Future Collaborators:

Syamil Shawal
Mubin Hj Khalid
Syafiq Rahim
Fadzli Fuad
Saza Nurlyana
Mark Rega
Ezyan Amnie
Salmi Shafie
Fitri Comet
Ahmad Fathany
Ahmad Maxx Shahfiq
Nurameir Dzakareea
Ahmad Syazwan
Redhuan Ramli
Nadhrah Azaman
Rosda Syazana Rosti
Faiz Zaini

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