pondok selang seli

"The name 'Selang Seli' was inspired from the act of traditional weaving, or 'anyaman'. Weaving because it's an act of taking individual leaves and overlaying it with other leaves thus strengthening the overall end weaved object, or to create something new entirely. It relates back to the theme of this year's Hari UNESCO Malaysia which is 'Togetherness', where as a nation we collectively build up our country. For Kakiseni's installation, 'Selang Seli' here is manifested as the mixing of different materials and in the configuration of mesh boxes that creates openings and closures for shadow effects throughout the entire structure. 

Members involved in project: Wafeeq Ismail, Syith Mukhtar, Nurameir Dzakareea, Saiful, Fadzli Fuad with additional help from volunteers.

mini hot air balloon pavilion

We had the opportunity of creating a temporary structure to be used by the public as a resting/seating area located at the Foodgasmfest food booths. This was for the 2015 Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Festival. Since the factor of time constraints came into play to erect the structure, we distilled the pavillion down to visitors experiencing a scaled down version of the hot air balloons. Basically the idea that hot air balloons are usually large objects, so we switched the idea around and have visitors be greeted to a tunnel with lighbulb hot air balloons. Outside the structure, crates were arranged in a stepped seating order. This was the only public seating structure located throughout the venue so maximum number of seats had to be achieved. 

Members involved in project: Wafeeq Ismail, Syith Mukhtar, Nurameir Dzakareea, Saiful. 

hansel & gretel

Public installation done by the team for Anugerah Meletop Era Fest on the 5th of February. Sesiseni was commissioned to do a public seating installation for the public and also a few sculptural pieces around the event location. The installation was super utilized by the public and its nice seeing the kids play around with the house and people sitting on the topography of crates. Trees were planted around the island to make it appear as a continuation of the greenery around the area.

Members involved in project: Wafeeq Ismail, Syith Mukhtar, Nurameir Dzakareea, Saiful.

serangka bakar

As part of our investigation and research into small structures, this was a lightly framed structure out of scaffolding with crates as seating areas. The client needed an open public space in Food Mania Festival for people to sit and relax while eating during the whole event. With minimal expenditure, a topography of crates was arranged and a mock frame erected to indicate a usable area, a node of the event. And needless to say it was good seeing people fill up Serangka Bakar, eating and chatting with their families all through the event till night.

Collaborative work with Capitecture Design Bureau.

Members involved in project: Wafeeq Ismail, Syith Mukhtar, Nurameir Dzakareea, Saiful, Syamil Shawal

Community refurbishment of PKNS flat, seksyen 6 Shah alam

In this game there are 40 boxes that contain numbers. Each 2 rows, the number was set at random (0-9). Select 4 to 8 numbers. (Example: 1234 or 12345678) and Start your first jump from the first box. You should be ready in the first box after the word "START" and ended up in the area before the word "END". The game is pretty easy if you make it easy and can be difficult if you want to challenge yourself. Jump on the numbers you have chosen and make sure it ends near the word "End" If you have any idea for a different way to play, you are very welcome.

The objective of this game is to attract the people around this residential area, or other blocks to exercise and stay healthy, the game is considered as the starting point for your daily work, or startup for your daily workout, every time you finish a game, you have managed to burn about 10 calories or less. Do not give up, exercise for your health is not hard, it is easy as a few digits. Invite all your friends / neighbours / relatives / tauke kedai makan and so on to play this game so that it can establish a relationship between the people of both human. Enjoy! It was made to have fun and stay healthy.

Thanks to all Sesi Seni Collective Community Members who participated in this project from start to end and thanks to Capitecture for inviting us and many thanks to the community members of Block 6 who believe in us.

Members involved in project: Wafeeq Ismail, Syith Mukhtar, Syamil Shawal

rapahan fonetik semenanjung tour lighting and set design

Set and lighting design for Pitahati's Rapahan Fonetik Semenanjung Tour. Our members travelled the whole country for two months with the band and managed the lighting effect for their performances. Projections by Motiofixo.

Members involved in project: Wafeeq Ismail, Muhammad Shamin, Syamil Shawal, Nurameir Dzakareea, Mubin Hj Khalid, Syazwan, 

djengga hus, mobile library / exhibition pop up shop

A fully modular house with no nails or screws required for assembly. Bring ur home and ur favourite books around. Bring it anywhere and set up. Fits inside the trunk of ur car. Some assembly required. Tested multiple times in various events.

Members involved in project: Nurameir Dzakareea, Muhammad Shamin, Adhrah Azaman, Wan Musaddiq

teratak archis@

Teratak Archisa, di Laman Seni 7. A collaborative project with Archisa and Sesiseni. A small public shelter/installation for Laman Seni 7 organized by KZNH Studio in Shah Alam.

Members involved in project: Wafeeq Ismail, Nurameir Dzakareea, Muhammad Shamin, Adhrah Azaman, Fadzli Fuad

another brick in the wall

A vertical classroom installation using reused school chairs and tables. Vertically assembled on the wall and tied with rebar.. Installed at Laman Seni 2 organized by KZNH Studio in Shah Alam city.

Members involved in project: Muhammad Shamin, Mubin Hj Khalid, Syamil Shawal, Syazwan, Adhrah Azaman, Syith Muhkhtar, Fadzli Fuad, Ezyan Amnie, Mark Rega, Fitri Comet, Salmie Shafie, En Cacing, Rosda Syazana, Shaffiq Rahim, 

Inverted Volume

A hanging installation using ptfe sheets, fishing wire and glue gun. A large cavernous void is created and beneath that public seating. Done in Quayside Hotel Melaka for Pakus Halus exhibition. Done in collaboration with Capitecture Design Bureau.

Members involved in project: Muhammad Shamin, Adhrah Azaman, Syamil Shawal

Di dalam minda tapir

An un-used staircase is turned into a micro cinema for a night. Projections of a tapir wandering through the forest invites the audience to immerse as the animal. Materials: Bamboo, cloth.

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