rumah x-x-ray

 A temporary exhibition gallery made entirely out of wire mesh cubes and stacked up. Inside the cubes objects will be displayed which will also create the shading devices for the whole pavilion.

Drone training centre for the London Met police

This projects envisions the materialisation of a Drone Training Centre for the London Met Police. Located close to the site of the previous River Way Holding and training Centre. Working closely with Greenwich neighbourhood Watch Association, a model town is developed for drone training and servicing. The police force gains critical data from operating drones from within this dynamic urban environment. Neighbourhood watch gets to extend its surveillance over the area by operating drones alongside the police force. Funded by a private-public research arm; ASTRAEA (Autonomous Systems Technology Related Airborne Evaluation & Assessment). 

This project seeks to question how technology and the authority are continually blurring the public/privacy threshold and how it affects the built environment including the urban context surrounding it. 

techno-taxidermy specimen

Techno-taxidermy specimen of Apertyx Owenii (Little Spotted Kiwi). 1:1 Scale.


In the appropriation of reclaiming our alley spaces. Rumah dinding intends to become a micro public space. Creating a micro realm where the public can participate in the space. In this case a small exposed house littered with unused pot plants and chairs. A small microcosm intended to reclaim our alleyways. Rumah dinding is an installation as much as it is public participatory event space. Medium: Reclaimed wood and chairs, discarded pot plants, reused steel, Bamboo screening.

Selasar niaga

A competition entry for Greentech 2012. A high-rise which empowers its users by giving the flexibility of turning it into an entrepreneurship opportunity. A collaboration with MDRXA.